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iOS users will be able to upload their snapshots on Facebook with the help of Photo Sync

Facebook has discovered way to enable the background auto uploads for the users of iOS and they are testing Photo Sync for this purpose. This news has been confirmed from the Facebook and screenshots obtained from the tipster. Photo Sync will allow more photos sharing, and instant uploads.
Photo Sync feature of Facebook can only be enjoyed by the lucky users involved in the test. For you, this feature may not be available on Facebook and it is quite possible that Facebook will scrap out this feature instead rolling it out. However, in either case you will be allowed to go to Photos app at Facebook from sidebar navigation of iOS app or photo section of your timeline (scroll to the bottom). At this area, you may be able to figure out the Photo Sync and enable it.

Photos taken from your iOS devices will be automatically uploaded in the unpublished, only visible for you. From this album you can decide which photo you want to share and post it. Facebook help center is equipped with more detail about Photo Sync feature. By default Facebook uploads the photos immediately after capturing and thus you may require altering it as per your data plan.

Photos are the core driver for the return visits and thus this feature has become a big deal for the Facebook. Users try to take as many photos as possible to share it on the social sites and close the gaps among the social groups. Facebook Photo Sync feature makes manual uploading problem solved and immediately upload photos and you can share them as you want.

Now the major question that why Photo Sync is not available for iOS. This is because of privacy issues. Of course, every picture is not for sharing and that is the reason, Facebook will require to allot complete control to the users. Second reason is the technicality involved. In Android devices it was easy to engineered Photo Sync as developers are allowed to do anything with their phones. On the other hand, iOS devices are quite rigid and will require deep integration and API for launching this feature.

Photo Sync does not pose any serious threat from the Dropbox, as Dropbox is only aimed to back up photos rather than preparing them for posting and sharing. When this feature gets open for everyone, Bump’s Flock will lose differentiation.

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Newsreader app of Google is being revamped to become smarter and scannable

New update to Google Currents has been launched which makes the app easily scannable. The biggest competition of Google Currents is Flipboard and the newest edition of Google Currents has given tough time to it. It has made possible to scan through editions and categories from the publishing partners like Forbes and The Guardian in app. In the breaking news section, Google has endorsed more powerful tool for searching.Google has unveiled that millions of the readers have downloaded their app after the international launch held in April 2012. Since that time, Google is enjoying more than 700 publishing editions and approximately 10 thousand of self developed editions.

Google has disclosed its views on updated version and they said that their aim is to develop easily scannable version with just a swipe of finger. This will let you to select from the categories editions rather than from the list of subscribed sites. (For instance, you can select categories from business, lifestyle, tech, science or sports).

The expansion in breaking news category is now available for every type of posts. And this is making app more fun to use. The app is designed as tweaked which is more like Google+ app. The stories will set into boxes which can be smoothly slides by scrolling down the screen.

The other attractive update in Google Currents is the power technology used in the breaking news category. Google has not talked about the technology they have implied, yet they have told us that this tech will make searches in breaking stories according to the desired language and country so to show only relevant news.

Before these updates, the Google Currents was lacking behind the competition from the apps like Flipboard and Zite. But with these updates, Google has proofed that they are slowly making their way towards good designing. The Google Currents new version is available for Android and in near future it will be launched for iOS devices.

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Sesame, an App launched by Sincerely for sending themed gift boxes using your mobile.

Sincerely is a company that runs apps like greeting cards and mobile photo postcards. Recently this company has launched an application called Sesame. This app is a gifting service that will allow its users to send gift boxes to their friends and families using their mobile phones.
The gift boxes contain items based on general themes for example: “Baby Playdate”, “Cocktail Hour”, “Game Night” etc. The box offers a wide variety of items for children, adults, men and women. You can select from more than a dozen of boxes that are available at the rate of twenty nine or forty nine dollars. According to the founder of Sincerely Matt Brezina, every month the company will add new boxes to its list. The company will also offer boxes at different price ranges to cater the needs of its user. The boxes will be available from a range of $19 to $99.Brezina also added that we had the plan of launching mobile gifting services since we founded this company and our mission is to make the world more thoughtful. He further said that we will achieve our mission by creating the world’s biggest gifting network.

Various app makers are present in the market but this company “Sincerely” is building a grander vision of networking. The app introduced by this company helps its users to create a database of postal addresses of their family members and friends. Initially the app creates a contact list from the contacts saved on your mobile. The app also helps to find the addresses by using Facebook and other tools.

Gift boxes received through Sesame app are blue and white in color and they are decorated with straw to protect the gifts. A tissue paper is wrapped around the gift set with notes on the items for example: “taste me” if the gift is chocolates, light me” (if the gift is candle) etc. A card is also included showing the list of all the items present in box.

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