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Dragon Quest X finally coming to Wii U on March 30

With Dragon Quest VII managing to sell 836,654 copies in its first week on sale in Japan there’s clearly still a lot of interest in Square Enix’s RPG series. So Nintendo will be very happy after revealing that Dragon Quest X finally has a release date for its ailing Wii U console. That date is March 30.

DQX was originally revealed back in September 2011 as an MMO that was set for release on both the Wii and eventually the Wii U. It then launched in August last year, but not without upsetting gamers in Japan due to the requirement of a 70 minute install. At the time, a Wii U release date wasn’t revealed, and we had to wait until September only to be told it would see a Spring 2013 launch.

Now we finally have a launch date, and Wii U owners can look forward to experiencing the MMO with visuals enhanced well beyond what the Wii could handle. The game will also be playable using the Wii U’s GamePad.

Dragon Quest X box art and prepaid card

After the recent poor sales of the Wii U console, Nintendo is set to take full advantage of a high-profile game such as this. Japanese gamers who have yet to purchase the machine will have the option of buying a Dragon Quest X Wii U Premium bundle, which includes the console, game, 1,000 yen prepaid card, and five in-game super health orbs. That bundle will cost $452, whereas the game on its own will be $75 and ships with 20 days of access.

As DQX is an online game, it requires an ongoing subscription be paid, which in Japan can be bought as 30, 60, or 90 day options. The Wii version also required the purchase of a 16GB memory card, but that isn’t the case for the Wii U version, although hopefully Nintendo/Square Enix will let you transfer your game from the Wii to Wii U. If you purchase the Wii U console bundle Square Enix is allowing access to the beta of the game from March 6 as an added incentive to pick it up early.

Nintendo will be hoping this game helps to jump start sales of the Wii U in its home territory, but it’s a shame it’s not a brand new Dragon Quest game exclusive to the platform. It’s also unfortunate Nintendo doesn’t have a similar title getting ready to launch to spark interest with gamers in the US and across Europe.

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