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Study suggested that Netflix UK choose TV shows and Amazon’s LOVEFiLM instant for films

The current war between the rival on demand streaming service for building the customer base with enticing content has been done without inking any deal among the studios and the streamers. Earlier this week, LOVEFiLM has cracked a deal with NBC Universal for the coverage of hundreds of TV shows like US version of The Office and the 30 Rock. Yet it will be quite noisy to figure out that how substantial these catalogues will be from the rivalry services.Thanks to Oric, a UK based company which has provided data about online content and has made it easier for viewers to determine what they want to see online. The Oric has complied data about the Netflix UK streaming services (costing about 5.99 monthly) and about Amazon’s LOVEFiLM Instant (costing about 5.89 monthly with DVD rental services). Data about LOVEFiLM Instant has been complied by establishing customer crawler, specifying all the available titles on the present services. In case of Netflix UK data is require to boast more as it is about TV listing, however data about LOVEFLiM is more sizeable and having rich movie offerings.

Oric will require to beat more legs for collecting the data about Netflix UK. They have to manually access each genre page and extract HTML. However things are not s simple as it seems. Netflix UK having 40 plus titles requires more painful efforts to manually pull all the names along with URL. After compiling this data, the company will require to do custom crawling of extracted HTML. They have to manually correct all the season numbers of the TV shows from their date of release. Also they have to de-duplicate the titles, as one title can be available in multiple genres.

Oric said that it was the mission of the company to compile the data and it is also doubtless to explain that how much it is difficult to measure good and sizeable service catalogue data.

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