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Instant Mobile Printer “Polaroid PoGo”

Polaroid are not leaving the instant photo market though as the launch of the Polaroid PoGo brings the concept of instant photos to the 21st century by using the latest Zink (Zero Ink) printing technology to support modern digital cameras. The Polaroid PoGo is a small battery operated mobile printer that allows you to print your digital photos on the go. With Bluetooth and Pict-Bridge support it’s possible to print photos from virtually all modern digital cameras and mobile phones. The Polaroid PoGo comes in a neat and compact package weighing just 230 grams and measuring 120mm x 72mm x 23.5mm. On the ‘top’ of the unit you’ll find a single connector for plugging in the power supply to charge the internal battery. On the side from the power connector is the power button and a couple of tri-colour status LED’s which tell you the print and battery power status.

Instant Mobile Printer - Polaroid PoGo3

Next to that is the USB 2.0 connector which allows you to connect a compatible digital camera. On the end of the unit there’s a single slot where the printed paper is slowly ejected. The paper is loaded in a tray accessed by pressing a release button on one end. Zink paper come in packs of 10 but there seems to be room in the paper tray for about 30 sheets. Setting up is dead simple. Once you remove everything from the box you just have to install and charge the internal rechargeable battery. If you are a bit impatient you can start printing while the unit is charging.

Instant Mobile Printer - Polaroid PoGo1

Instant Mobile Printer - Polaroid PoGo2


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