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New Chrome Beta hits the market

For those of you who have experienced Chrome on more than a single device, chances are you would have realized that the entire Chrome experience is different compared to when you are using it on your primary computer, as chances are you will be missing on your collection of bookmarks, apps, and extensions. Not only that, you might fumble your way through as well since you will need to re-enter your collection of saved passwords amongst others.

Well, the latest release of the Chrome Beta fixes all of it – where signing in to Chrome will synchronize and deliver your collection of Chrome bookmarks in addition to other personalized settings to all of your computers. Basically, whatever update you make on a single device will translate to instant updates everywhere else, making sure that your stuff will remain safe even when your primary computer goes kaput.

Well, what are you waiting for? Just go to the Wrench menu and choose “Sign in to Chrome.”, and you are good to go.