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Social expense sharing, now become easy and quick due to BillPin

The main problem faced by almost every person in the world, is shortage of money. Money is the thing which has power to degrade relationship, as we all are engaged in dealing over rents, owes money for toilet papers or bill payments of restaurants. To solve this crucial problem, BillPin has been launched. It is new app which is aimed to make quick and easy way to split social expenses. Even its slogan “keep friendship squabble free” is narrating the purpose of app. The app can be downloaded from online app store for Android and iOS devices.

The co-founder of BillPin, Darius Cheung has shared that, “We deem real value is in assisting users to keep record of social money. The design of our app is complementing this philosophy as it is centered around to assist users for quick and easy tabbing of money shared with friends.

The application has clean and intuitive interface which keeps it quite simple to be used.

Cheung further added that they have gathered data from interviews and analyzed that almost 90% of the bills associated with the users are borrowed belongs to the top 10 friends. Users, as a result keep tracks on Facebook and phone book to add bills. This is quite hassle method and to make it simple, BillPin has been developed. It simply creates users profile and adds bills and this is prepared to reduce efforts and time required in keeping track.

In order to get this app, users can sign up at Facebook or through their emails and it helps them to find their pals through their contact list. Users can easily use pins and can select how to split them. Once user has paid the borrowed amount or due bills, the other person will be informed through email.

BillPin consists of several useful features for keeping the sharing process conflict free. For instance, if there are three pals and $10 bill has to be divided in three of them, BillPin will evenly split the amount and left over will be added in only one person’s account. If user is not satisfied with the split, they are even allowed to delete the entry entirely by maintaining the past expenses as it is.

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