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How to start an internet based freelancing career

For those of you who have tried to start an internet based freelancing career, you probably know just how competitive offering services online can be. Due to the high level of desirability of working from home and having the most flexible time schedule imaginable, a large number of people all over the world wish to start an internet based freelancing career to earn money online. Unfortunately, few actually succeed in landing a single project, let alone making a career out of it.

The recommended way to start a freelancing career on the internet is to register yourself on one or more of the countless outsourcing marketplaces available on the internet. Odesk, Vworker, Elance and Freelancer are four of the preferred choices for people who wish to secure an online job. People who seek to outsource their work post projects on these websites, and internet based freelancers can bid on them.

Once you have registered on one of these marketplaces, you will soon start to realize that it is not easy winning a project. Understandably so, employers are reluctant to trust workers with no feedback or rating. This is why you might need to make your profile shine, by uploading samples, writing up a convincing description about yourself and your abilities, as well as writing intelligent proposals.

Winning your first project on an outsourcing marketplace is a challenge, but there are certain strategies you can adopt to increase your chance of getting a project. Once you have setup a complete profile, you need to focus on writing proposals for the right projects. The first step to this is to make sure you understand a project before you bid on it, and if you do not, ask questions. Employers love to see workers who seem to be interested in a particular project, and asking relevant, critical questions is a great way to display this interest.

You should also make sure you answer any questions the employer has asked in the job description. Writing generic bids about how you want to do the job are likely to get you no jobs, since they show your lack of interest to the extent that you cannot even take the time out to write a unique proposal. Once you have contacted the employer, you should work out a fair price to sell your service at. Since you do not have any on-site experience, you should bid on the lower side, but not low enough for the employer to doubt your ability to produce quality work.

Working on a popular outsourcing marketplace guarantees potential opportunities, but these sites charge a considerable amount of fees for the services they provide. Once you have become established as an online freelancer, you can create your own website and work from it, along with your existing client list from earlier projects.

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