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Station Access Collection (Matrix Online, Everquest Evolution,Star Wars Galaxies Starter Kit, Everquest II, PlanetSide Aftershock)

  • Planetside – Aftershock throws you into futuristic all-out-war on the planetary continents of Auraxis. Engage your enemies in large-scale battles or tactical base assaults. Heavily-armored mechanized robots with multiple weapon systems are at your command.
  • Star Wars Galaxies lets you become the hero of your own Star Wars adventure. Begin your adventure by helping Han Solo and Chewbacca fend off Jabba The Hutt on the Millennium Falcon — then choose your path and find a place in the Galaxy. Become a rebel and fight the Empire, or join up with the Dark Side – while seeking your fortune as a Bounty Hunter, Smuggler or even a Jedi.
  • EverQuest II takes you into an incredible fantasy world. With breathtaking 3D graphics and a wider world to explore, you’ll unlock dungeons, battle monsters and engage in life as one of Norrath’s great champions and leaders.
  • In The Matrix Online you’ll enter the war between man and machine. Join Neo, Morpheus and the crews of Zion as they take on the Agents, the Sentinels and other threats — in all-new locations and with all-new weapons.
  • Also includes Everquest Evolution

Price: $29.99