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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday – Mutant Mudds, Free for Today Only

Ah, the good old days. Depending on how old you are, that could either mean going down to the local arcade with a pocket full of quarters, sitting on the living room floor until your backside was sore and your neck was stiff, or shoving a huge box into your backpack to try to show off your mobile game console without getting caught at school. Whatever decade you grew up in, you’ll probably have fond memories of video games. For those of you who have a place in your heart for retro, we have a place on PadGadget for you.

Every Friday, we spotlight a game that is either a direct port of a classic arcade game, or at least pays homage to the pixilated passions of our youth. Last week, we gave a shout out to Pac-Man for iPad because, well, nothing says retro like one of the most popular arcade games in history.

This week, we wanted to tell you about Mutant Mudds. Although this game is not a flashback to our youth, it is a retro game of the finest caliber. It first launched in January of 2012 for Nintendo 3DS and was ported to iOS this past December.

The reason we decided to spotlight Mutant Mudds is that the app has gone free until the end of the day today. Before you even finish reading this, you should download the game so you don’t miss your chance to play it for free.

Players control Max as he makes his way across a pixilated landscape, collecting coins and blasting away Mutant Mudds. He can weave in and out of background and foreground platforms and uses his jetpack to get across wide gaps. There are 60 levels across five different worlds. Additionally, there are 20 special “Grannie” levels for those gamers who master the entire game with Max.

Mutant Mudds has a lot of similarities with Super Mario Brothers. Like most side-scrolling platform games, players collect coins and power-ups while beating enemies before they get beat. There are ice levels, cave levels, underwater levels and hidden secret rooms that offer sweet swag.

If you are a fan of classic, pixilated side-scrolling platform games, you won’t want to miss you chance to download Mutant Mudds for free. Don’t say I didn’t tell you in time. It goes back up to full price on Saturday.