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Macy’s partners with Shopkick to launch iBeacon pilot program in select flagship stores


Apple unveiled iBeacon when it debuted iOS 7, but the details about this proximity-based service were overshadowed by the news about its mobile OS. Fast forward almost six months, and iBeacons is finally gaining some traction now that retailers are starting to explore the technology.

On of the first companies to embrace the iBeacon technology is brick and mortar retailer Macy’s. According to a report in GigaOM, Macy’s is partnering with Shopkick to install these iBeacons in two of its flagship stores — the Herald Square store in NYC and the Union Square in San Francisco. The transmitters will connect securely to the Shopkick app on a user’s iPhone via Bluetooth LE . Once connected, customers will be able to view special offers as well as receive directions to help find a product on the shelves.

The service is reportedly already up and running in the NYC and San Francisco stores as a closed beta. It’ll be available to all Shopkick users in the coming weeks. If this rollout goes as smoothly as planned, Shopkick will begin selling its ShopBeacon service to other retailers.