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A favorite Place for Suicides

A favorite Place for Suicides. There are several theories explaining this phenomenon, but it’s only version.1. Climate change. According to this version, the death of whales due to changes in ocean currents that bring more cold water from Antarctica. The whales are swimming in shallow water, to keep warm

Little About The Correct Tuning

Little About The Correct Tuning,You know, do not like tuning. Not because against individuality. Its something like again, I appreciate it. Just annoys me a lot of bad taste and the idiots involved in the process of development and consumption.However, in the U.S. there is such a thing as custom items. In fact, it is not even tuning. Cars do not just improve their rework, and sometimes – almost any manufactured from scratch.

Concentrated Faces Of Skaters

Concentrated Faces Of Skaters,In Sheffield, UK, took the European championship on figure skating.Despite the seriousness of the event, some photojournalists were able to catch the comedic moments: