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Brolly Rain Umbrella

We all love our modern day devices, and if you were to remove a smartphone from the hands of a teenager, university student or yuppie, it would be as though you chopped off one of their arms, and they will walk around in a dazed state, wondering just how the heck they are able to tell the rest of the world on what they had for lunch, and horror of horrors, are unable to keep in touch with friends whom they will meet every weekday on campus anyway. Well, the moment where most of us will tuck away our smartphones safely into our pockets when the heavens open up and pour should be familiar to many, but with the $19.95 Brolly Rain Umbrella, that need not be the case at all.

The Brolly Rain Umbrella is proud to be the most comfortable, fashion forward and fun compact rain umbrella ever released. Apart from ensuring that you remain nice and dry, it comes with a rather unique grip that ensures you will continue to be able to send text messages as well as e-mail in the rain, something which is a whole lot more difficult, if not impossible, to do with a standard issue umbrella. It will come in blue and black shades, so girls, so sorry that there is no Hello Kitty version of it in the pipeline.
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