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Zero Fog Blaster – Red Blaster w/Fluid

  • The Zero Fog Blaster is a ray gun that shoots smoke rings up to 14 feet.
  • A great toy for the office or home.
  • Safe and non-toxic, it comes with a water based fog liquid that you pour into the gun and blast away.

Toy Gun shoots laser-like fog smoke rings! The Zero Fog Blaster launchs 2 to 6 inch diameter non-toxic fog rings that will sail to ten feet and beyond. Easy to use, they are great stress busters and with practice you’ll be able to create bigger and better rings. The Zero Blaster uses the same liquid that Hollywood uses in the movies to make special effects fog. Like a snowflake, each fog ring is unique, expanding at its own rate and traveling at its own speed. You’ll be captivated by their beauty, mesmerized by the myriad shapes you’ll discover in every fog ring you create. The Zero Blaster will provide hours of good clean fun for children and adults alike. A lot of how the Zero Blaster works has to do with your handling of it. There is an element of finesse you are going to gain as you improve and pit your skill against yourself and against others. The Blaster also provides a fascinating insight into the principles of physics. The fog ring is a rotating toroidal (donut shaped) vortex (whirling motion of liquid or air with a low pressure area in the center). The Zero Blaster has an elastic diaphram that pushes a burst of air through a small opening. You can launch fog rings holding the Blaster still, but the rings will be smaller and travel a shorter distance. To create the largest fog rings, that will travel up to fourteen feet, follow the directions right here.

Price: $21.95

Spy Gear – Sonic Distractors Master Carton/Assortment

  • Distract opponents using a sonic wave diversion! Spy Gear?s Sonic Distractors emit noise to divert enemy attention!
  • Select one of 8 unique sounds to distract your enemies using 2 Sonic Distractors!
  • Sonic Distractors have a built-in time-released delay before they sound.
  • Spy Gear?s Sonic Distractors are made for Secret Agents ages 6+.
  • Includes: 2 Sonic Distractors Balls, 1 Belt Clip, 1 Instruction Guide

Roll and distract! Spy Gear’s Sonic Distractors get agents out of sticky situations using sonic wave diversion! Select from 8 different sounds as you activate, roll and distract your enemies. Each sound has a time-release delay giving agents time to calculate when they’ll sound. The included belt clip delivers easy access for quick use as you sneak through top-secret areas. With 2 Sonic Distractors, agents can perform multiple distractions simultaneously. Gear up with the latest in diversion technology with the Spy Gear Sonic Distractors!

Price: $11.99

Fascinations USB Desktop Aquarium

  • The USB Desktop Aquarium holds approximately 1 1/2 quarts of water and is a great home for any small fish
  • The LCD alarm clock features time, date, temperature, snooze, countdown timer and 6 different modes of tranquil nature sounds for that zen moment anytime
  • Also includes an adjustable overhead LED light, USB power connector, decorative rocks and low voltage pump

Anyone can put a pencil holder on a desk – why settle for that when you can have something infinitely cooler, like this USB-powered desktop aquarium. The ingenious design recirculates and aerates the water, while the integrated color changing LED lights provide a captivating display. But that’s just the beginning, since this caddy also features an adjustable overhead light, LCD calendar with time, day/date and weekly temperature function, along with a working alarm clock with snooze feature and countdown timer. It even provides soothing nature sounds if you’d like. It might be more productive than you are, but we’ll keep that our little secret. Tank includes under gravel filtration system, decorative gravel and a plastic fern. Operates through USB power connector. You’ll have to provide your own fish.

Price: $39.99

Shine Itazura Stealing Coin Bank – Panda

  • Mechanical coin bank from Itazura makes saving fun for kids and adults
  • While the lid is closed, place a coin on top of the white plate. Watch as the lid opens to reveal the cute little panda who peeks out, then snatches the coin with his paw!
  • Access coins from bottom.
  • Uses 2 AA batteries, not included.
  • Measures: 5″ l x 4″ d x 4″ h.

Mechanical coin bank from Itazura makes saving fun for kids and adults. While the lid is closed, place a coin on top of the white plate. Watch as the lid opens to reveal the cute little panda who peeks out, then snatches the coin with his paw! Measures: 5″ l x 4″ d x 4″ h.

Price: $19.00

Spy Gear Night Goggles

  • Let your little secret agent take to the night with Wild Planet Spy Gear Night Goggles. Twin LED beams of light give 25 feet of vision in the dark. Impact resistant, lightweight and comfortable, these goggles are perfect for any mission. There’s even a fo
  • Ages: Six and up.
  • WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts.
  • Not for children under three years.


Price: $24.99

Fluxx 4.0

  • 2 to 6 Player Game
  • 30 Minutes to play
  • Ever changing card game which is at the core of a extensive line of expansions
  • War, Death, and Taxes have been re-classified as Creepers 5
  • Newly-styled two-piece box contains 100 cards

Looney Labs: Fluxx Version 3.1 – The Original (Out of Print, so once its gone, it’s gone)

Price: $15.99

Smash Up Awesome Level 9000 Board Game

  • Not a standalone game
  • You need Smash Up in order to use the expansion
  • Adds depth and complexity to the base game

Featuring four new factions and eight new bases Smash Up: Awesome Level 9000 ? a.k.a. Smash Up II ? integrates into the Smash Up base game bringing exponential new combinations of factions and playstyles! Smash Up: Awesome Level 9000 includes: Killer Plants ? Better deal with these guys fast because if you leave them alone they’ll grow all over the place…like weeds! rimshot Ghosts ? Unlike in just about every card game in history Ghosts benefit from having fewer cards in your hand. Can you be immaterial? Steampunks ? Can’t leave a good base alone? The Steampunks will add new abilities to bases to help your strategies. Bear Cavalry ? What’s scary? A bear. What’s really scary? A cossack riding a bear! Bear Cavalry will use fear to drive opposing minions to other bases.

Price: $19.99

House of Marbles Marble Run Building Kit, 50-Piece

  • Enjoy building different marble-runs and watch the marbles cascade down
  • Fascinating fun for children and the young at heart
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old

Build your own marble track with House of Marble’s Marble Run! This kit comes with 48 components made of durable plastic that can be rearranged for a different track each time. Marbles included. A great educational toy for growing youngsters. For ages 3 and up.

Price: $24.99