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Here Mapping Application for iPad and iPhone- Released By Nokia

A new rebranded mapping application “Here” is released by Nokia, for the iOS 4.3 plus devices. Here is available free cost and due to its universal nature it can work on both iPad and iPhone. Nokia’s window phone users may find this app much familiar because it is having some similar features like discovery of the nearby places. The new crucial component introduced in this app is transit direction which is facilitated by the pre installed maps application of Apple.
Here is like a public transport view which facilitates the users to point out nearby routes and overlaid it on the maps. This app can provide assistance while walking, bicycling and driving and helps in planning the adopted routes so that traffic and other issues do not results in delays. This app also aid in searching the locales and spots the interesting places. It brings out the routing option, phone numbers and website addresses, if available.

Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop has also demoed some other special features while attending the event. He articulated that this app has cloud based storage for favorite locations which can be accessible in iOS devices, community maps (depending on area) and ability for downloading offline maps for the target areas. He further uttered that for me it is very much capable and featured rich app and much better alternative to the Apple’s native mapping app, however it only have voice guided navigations for walking users and not for the driving users.

Here is the very good option if users are frustrated from the Apple’s current mapping solution and this is made possible due to the huge investment Nokia has done to make this project terrific.

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