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Steve Jobs Wanted to Create an Apple iCar Before his Death


Italian industrial designer Franco Grassi had a few ideas about what an Apple-branded automobile would look like and he pulled them together into the mockup shown above. Is it beautiful? Absolutely. Is it practical? Not in the slightest. Unless and until we see an actual iCar, who knows what it would look like… One certainty with Apple is that they appreciate form, but it has to follow function (at least when Steve Jobs was at the reigns).

Steve Jobs would have loved making an iCar. Apparently he even said so in an interview with the New York Times prior to his death.

This isn’t the first time a car-related rumor has surfaced in relation to Apple, and it probably isn’t any more likely now than it was years ago. Making vehicles isn’t exactly a core-competency over at Apple, and it’s a very difficult industry to casually toss yourself into. This alone isn’t reason enough to keep Apple away from it though, especially when you consider that they enjoy crazy amounts of brand loyalty and strive to be an integral part of your day-to-day life.

Plus – Google and Microsoft are dipping their toes in that water…
Plus, Plus – Eddy Cue sits on the board at Ferrari and Phil Schiller is a well-known enthusiast.

What seems far more probable is that Apple would create a joint-venture with an existing car manufacturer and load up something (or everything) from their line-up with every piece of Apple technology and styling they can throw at it. There is a lot of automobile integration across many of the vehicles on the road already (particularly by way of Bluetooth technology), but it could definitely be made a little more elegant. Some models have nice places to rest and dock smartphones and tablets, but none do enough to make the late Steve Jobs proud. Yet.

So if the iCar ever sees the light of day, do you think it will be available in anything other than a silver-aluminum finish?

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