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Future Traveler

In the U.S., if you are getting ready for or are already embroiled in the Thanksgiving travel crush, or if you are abroad and just find yourself elbow-to-elbow with similarly harried travelers in an airport, take a moment to consider a utopian vision of the travel experience in a not-too-distant future.It comes to you in the form of a Future Traveler video, with a dash of self-promotion, from Sabre.It is a world where your every travel whim is at your fingertips via tablet-like mobile devices.Biometric scans are your gateways to business or adventure travel, the latest flight updates momentarily interrupt your e-reading and video-conferencing technology makes corporate meetings more efficient and brings continents together across a vanishing divide.Of course, in Sabre’s depiction of an uncomplicated, stress-free and high-tech travel future, you hardly ever even see another traveler in these luxurious, friendly, pristine and worry-free airports of the future.