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Tactical Solar ETI0021-6035 Portable Solar Panel Charger UPS

Tactical Solar ETI0021-6035 Portable Solar Panel Charger UPS

  • Provides renewable emergency power source in remote locations
  • Can charge cell phones, blackberries, GPS, IPOD or MP3 players and other electronics
  • Universal adapter kit provides multiple connections to allow charging for most small electronics
  • 5W panel 5500mAH LiION charger pack
  • Portable design stores easily in a backpack and can be used on the go

Tactical Solar Panel Charger is extremely light weight, compact, and very durable. Enables you to charge most small electronics systems or store power in the power pack for use later. Designed for users who need lightweight portable power for cell phones, satellite phones, gps units, MP3 players, and other small electronics. The included universal adapter kit allows you to charge a variety of electronics. Easy to transport, the charger kits can be attached to a backpack, or placed on the dash of