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Philips Shoqbox: The Extreme Adventurer’s Ultimate Boom Box!



Know anyone who likes to adventure, who loves the great outdoors or who is into roughing it? If you do, then you’ll want to bookmark this article about a great, ultra-rugged Bluetooth speaker from Philips.


Philips needs little introduction of course, as one of the pioneers and leaders in the world of hi-fidelity sound systems. Now the company that has for decades now, consistently raised the bar as to what we can expect high-quality audio reproduction to sound like, introduces to the world, the ultimate ruggedized portable Bluetooth speaker solution.

Siva's reviews: Philips Shoqbox Ruggedized Bluetooth Speaker


The Philips Shoqbox 7200 is a powerhouse of sound, packing 2, 4-watt neodymium drivers into a compact and super-sturdy structure that is both stylish and highly functional and durable. I was extremely impressed with the Philips Shoqbox. It has everything you could want in a rugged speaker and none of the things that you don’t want. It is drop-proof and shockproof and lightweight, measuring right at 7 inches by 3 inches. It is also splash proof, meaning that minor exposure to water won’t damage it, and if it did happen to fall in the water and become completely submerged for a brief moment, if all your port covers are sealed properly, your Shoqbox should theoretically be just fine.



I have to say, I haven’t done a full submersion test with the Shoqbox. I am simply defining what the term “splash proof” indicates in terms of a device’s waterproof-ness. For the more technically inclined, the Shoqbox’s protection level could also be described as meeting an IP-54 rating, with its superb protection from the ingress of objects, debris, dust and liquids.


Siva's reviews: Philips Shoqbox Ruggedized Bluetooth Speaker


The Shoqbox is also feature rich, and the only rugged Bluetooth speaker to integrate both gesture control and voice feedback into the device. The gesture control allows you to play and pause and skip tracks with simple, swiping hand motions, and the voice feedback will keep you informed of the battery level. The lithium battery is good to go for 8 solid hours of sound escapades between charges and, as if all that weren’t enough, it has a built-in microphone so that the speaker can be used as a speakerphone!


Like most small Bluetooth speakers, it can receive a signal up to 30 feet away from the source. The Shoqbox also comes with a 3.5mm line-in jack for the times when Bluetooth is unavailable. You can also connect two Shoqbox speakers wirelessly for amazingly crisp, clear and loud stereo sound.


When it comes to sound, this thunderous speaker will blow you away. It’s a fantastic speaker compared to all the other Bluetooth speakers in the market rugged or otherwise, so when you take into consideration it’s rugged durability, I’d say the Shoqbox has few rivals in the world of rugged Bluetooth speakers when it comes to toughness, sound quality or portability.


Siva's reviews: Philips Shoqbox Ruggedized Bluetooth Speaker


With its convenient carabineer bolt and dense rubber bumper surrounding the speaker’s grill, this speaker will keep up with even the most adventurous and extreme of us. Whether in the wild, the forest, the desert, the rainforest, the beach or the mountaintop, camping out, or even just for a family weekend picnic, the Shoqbox is one of the best portable and heavy-duty speaker options you will come across.


At this special time of year, it’s worth note that even if you personally don’t care for spending time out in nature, the Shoqbox would make a great holiday gift for any outdoorsy and adventurous souls in your life.


The Philips Shoqbox is available HERE for $180.00.

Satechi uCharger

Have you ever been frustrated because it takes so long to charge your devices with a
USB cable? Well, now we have Satechi uCharger to solve the problem. This diminutive high speed charger will restore your devices in about half the time.

All you do is plug it into a USB source and then plug your charging cable into the other end and let it do its thing. Your device will be charged in no time.

It is not recommended, however, that you use it in a hub. Plug it directly into a computer or AC adapter.

On the front, there is a single button. This is used to signal charging modes, which include blue for all devices except Galaxy Tab, red for all devices except iPad, and LED off for data transfer only, no charging.

It measures a mere 1.75 x 0.74 x 0.4 inches. The input Voltage  is DC 5V, output CD 5V, with an output current of 700mA-2100mA.

The list price is $15.99, but you can get them here for only $9.99:

You can have any color you like, as long as it’s white.

X-Doria Mini iPad SmartJacket

One problem with protective cases can be that they are big and bulky; they add mass to an otherwise sleek device. However, that doesn’t have to be the “case”.  Let me introduce you to the X-Doria Smart Jacket for the iPad Mini.

It is slim, trim, and attractive. At the same time it offers perfectly adequate protection with a sturdy polycarbonate cover that securely snaps onto the iPad like a lobster shell. It will guard against impact and scratches.

The raised surface on the back adds further insulation and provides a surface for gripping and stability. In other words, it won’t slip out of your hands.

The flexible cover, while adding protection, also serves as a two-position stand when folded. It has built-in magnets that serve to wake up or put your device to sleep when opened and closed.

This multi-functional case offers great versatility for viewing movies, playing games, reading books, and surfing the Web. It makes it a perfect work station as well for some serious typing. Write your next novel on it.

You can get a whole wardrobe of SmartJacets as it comes in a choice of white, black, blue, and pink as a reasonable price of only $34.99. You can get one from the manufacturer here:

My only disappointment is that the case will not act as a stand in the portrait position. I hope this problem will be remedied in the next iteration.

G-Form Xtreme iPhone 5 Case Ready for Duty

This sleek case with its unique design boasts three layers of protection with patented Reactive Protection Technology (RPT), which actually hardens on impact.

It comes in five color choices including yellow/black, red/black, matte black, metallic blue, and metallic silver.

The X-Protect design allows easy access to all ports and buttons.

I have seen these super protective cases listed for as much as $61, but you can obtain one here for only $39.99: