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PadGadget’s Flashback Friday: Retro Oceanhorn Gets iCloud Support


OK, so Oceanhorn is not a classic game. It only came out about five months ago. But, it is a retro game themed after the hugely popular Legend of Zelda series of games. Games that will never be officially allowed on iOS. Instead of crying over the lack of Link, Oceanhorn’s creators decided to make their own tale, complete with breakable flowerpots, tall grass that hid gems, and secret passageways that can’t be opened until you’ve discovered something else in another place.

This week, Oceanhorn received its first major update, which brings multiple language options and iCloud support. Now, you can sync your game across multiple devices and pick it up anytime.


For fans of the Zelda franchise, Oceanhorn can best be described as similar to Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker, which came out in 2002 on GameCube. It has the same game mechanics. Players collect pieces of hearts and master keys. Players traverse from one island to another by boat.

The game’s dungeon layouts are homage to the Zelda franchise and enemies are strangely familiar for having been seen for the first time when you go ashore.


This week’s update brings with it Korean and Russian language options and, the big news, iCloud support. Players can now sync saved games across all devices. Play on your iPad before work, take the game onto the bus on your iPhone, and sneak a few moments of play during your meeting on your iPad mini. Just keep the volume down or you might get caught.

Oceanhorn is available on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch for $8.99. Download it in the App Store today.

Wacky App Wednesday: Solve Pixellated Puzzles in eBoy FixPix

eBoy FixPix is an app that’s been in the App Store for quite some time, but it’s the type of game that never gets old. You see, it operates on a super simple premise – you’re presented with a picture puzzle that’s out of order and you must tilt your iPad to fit the pieces back together to form a cohesive image.

I know that doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun, but you have to take into account the pictures that you’re putting back together. Each image features awesome hand-crafted pixel art, and in many cases, the images even have 3-D effects.

These are not your grandmother’s puzzles either – every level presents a new challenge, and it’s often difficult to figure out the exact right angle you need to tilt your iPad in to solve the challenges. Most of the images don’t give many hints either, turning the game into a search for clues so you can figure out the solution to each puzzle.


Every image is a visual feast and the game is a pure delight to play, despite its simplistic gameplay. The puzzles are surprisingly tough, especially at later levels, and the game will keep you playing for hours on end.

Developer Delicious Toys has had two years to refine eBoy FixPix, which means there’s a whole slew of content available in the form of amazing levels. You’ll find over 100 stages in the game, and at $0.99, it’s well worth checking out.


One minor caveat – you will need iOS 6 in order to play the game. Reviews in the App Store have mentioned a crashing problem on older versions of iOS, but I haven’t had a problem on my iPad mini running iOS 6.1. If you have the right device, give this game a try! You can download it from the App Store.

Make sure to check back next Wednesday for an all new wacky app!

Which One Survives When iPad and Nexus 7 Face-Off in Drop Test

Which tablet is definitely the fairest of them all? Assurance company SquareTrade got down to find the most challenging device, pitting Apple’s newest iPad next to Google’s Nexus 7.The crew dropped the capsules, knocked all of them off of any table, plus dunked them in water to determine which one could hold up the most effective.

During the decrease test, the Nexus 7 did a reasonable amount better, finding yourself with only a few scrapes after plummeting from a yardage of approximately all 5 feet, while the iPad’s screen destroyed.If you have a look at the slow action footage, however, you can see that the supplements hit the surface in different ways : the Nexus 7 stumbled on it’s actually back when the iPad landed forcefully on a place. The SquareTrade team did not repeat the analyze, but unique landing roles would certainly have other results.While knocked off this quick ledge, the Nexus all over again fell for its rear and earned a few scuffs. The iPad droped display frontward, cracking a corner.After a short bath, the iPad displaced sound although was still functional, while the Nexus Several retained 100 % functionality, including sound.The Nexus Several undoubtedly received the water analyze, but the various other two checks just turned out to be that when anyone drop your tablet, the damage carried out will be a overall toss way up.

iPad and Nexus 7

Apple will keep the iPad on shelves in China

Apple company has been battling a long battle with Chinese company Proview across the right to work with the name “iPad” in China. The issue is a result of the sale of the iPad name copyright to Apple in 2009 for $54,000. The sale was handled by British provider IP Application Development on behalf of Proview Taiwan, but parent or guardian company Proview Technology deemed the sale invalid, and therefore cases it still holds the copyright to the name.What followed was a couple of lawsuits demanding $1.6 million and then $38 million for copyright encroachment. On the grounds that the iPad was currently available for sale in China, in addition, it meant the threat of it becoming taken off store shelves, a threat made real by Proview demanding an importance and export ban of the “Made in China” tablet. If that happened, Apple would have no way of manufacturing and supplying the iPad to any industry, not merely China.The dispute went to court in Guangdong where the two companies were pressed to come to some kind of agreement. Which agreement has now happened with Apple paying $60 million as a way to settle the dispute and move on.Even though almost double previous compensation demand from Proview, it’s pocket change for Apple company. The most important thing is that the Chinese market remains amenable for the sale of iPads, and Apple can freely manufacture and export the tablet.With luck , it also signifies that Apple has finally guaranteed worldwide possession of the iPad name and will not face any further lawsuits from Proview, or any other company for that matter.


Why Google’s Nexus 7 Isn’t Really an iPad Killer

At Google’s individual developer convention, Google I/O, the software program giant declared the upcoming release of the Nexus 7. The new Asus-built tablet is priced at $199, has a 7-inch screen and is really a Kindle Fire monster than a great iPad killer.Google has launched a product statement on it’s actually blog that describes the Nexus 7 as “Powerful, portable and designed for Google Play.” The tablet comes with a 7-inch 1280×800 HD screen, a new Tegra-3 chipset and quad-core CPU. There’s two sizes. The 8GB model will set you back $199, while the 16GB style will be $249.

Perform these features sound familiar?Specifically. That’s because they fit more inline while using Kindle Fire than they do the iPad. It is just a little superior to the Kindle Fire, but not nearly as good because the iPad.Let’s begin with the 7-inch screen. Even though there are rumors of an apple ipad tablet mini coming out this drop, currently Apple doesn’t supply something that modest. The decision of the Nexus 7 can be higher than Kindle Fire’s 1024×600 screen, but is not while pixelated as the new iPad together with Retina display of 2048×1536.Storage is another level where the Nexus is more in collection to take on the Kindle Fire compared to the iPad. Apple doesn’t even produce an 8GB tablet. Speaking from personal experience with having the two a 16 GB as well as a 32GB iPad, 8GBs is simply not enough storage area. Even with iCloud, you’d take up all your storage with a couple of apps. Exactly what then? Maybe 8 Gigs is enough for people who spend all their tablet period reading books or surfing the net, but apple ipad tablet users have got large efficiency apps, in-depth crafter applications and full-fledged Mmog games.The value point on it’s own is resistant that Google doesn’t desire to compete with Apple. Issuing a product that is fifty percent the cost of the particular iPad sets it in to another group entirely. Much like the Kindle Fire, the Barnes & Noble Nook as well as other low-cost tablets, a Nexus 7 is listed to cater to consumers that have considered trying out a new tablet, yet can’t afford, or don’t want to invest that much cash on a system.

Google Nexus 7

In this regard, you obtain what you spend on, which is significantly less.Google’s new tablet will come with the most recent version involving Android, Jelly Bean. The Android operating-system has been a sore spot for pill users considering that the market started. Apple has a powerful App commercial infrastructure and intuitive operating system specialized in tablets. Android may be the butt of many operating system cracks due to its less-than good performance in the tablet world. While Jelly Bean will be the version regarding Android that lastly makes it perform, it is still portion of a fragmented operating system that is constantly on the isolate consumers every time a another one comes out.Amazon kindle has its own, even more isolated and also fragmented version of Android tucked straight into its courage. The online list giant got Google’s open source software along with twisted the idea into its own operating system that conveniently overlooked all of the Android-maker’s programs in favor of Amazon’s personal tools. Therefore, if Nexus 7 could actually compete inside software market, it is more likely to become a competitor, neigh — killer, with the Kindle Fire.The Nexus 7 will probably be available this particular August. We’ll recognize then who feels heat from Google’s new hardware.