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Ghosts Are Real And So Is The Next Call Of Duty

So once again we find the month of May upon us, Spring flowers, nice weather (hopefully) and the announcement of the next Call Of Duty. In usual fashion the Internet beat the official reveal to the punch. Rumors were rampant but it was a listing by the online retailer Tesco Direct that really flamed the fire. This week a strange image on the Official Call Of Duty website appeared that has now since morphed into the confirmation that “The Ghosts Are Real” and what appears to resemble the beloved Ghost character from the Modern Warfare series.

If you are a fan of the series it should come as no surprise Infinity Ward will be handling the developing of this years installment of the COD franchise. Tina Palacios, Infinity Ward’s Community Manager, tweeted “soon” a few days ago, which I can only assume was in reference to COD. Officially Call Of Duty Ghosts will be announced today May 1st.

IGN has confirmed the title and release date of 11-05-2013 through a Gamestop promotional poster they were provided with. The poster offers no platform information but it’s widely believed Call Of Duty Ghosts will be available on PC, current generation consoles as well as next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Check back real soon, I will be following up this story with all the details and a trailer once they “officially” become available.

‘We Are the World’ plus Modern Warfare 3 – must be North Korean propaganda

In yet another unfiltered look at the kind of media that North Koreans are exposed to, a new propaganda video from the totalitarian nation has surfaced, bringing with it a most unsettling mix of anti-American messaging, footage from the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and an instrumental version of the song “We Are the World.”

The video, which was originally posted on North Korea’s state-controlled news website Uriminzokkiri and then uploaded to LiveLeak, starts off with a young man drifting off into sleep. His dream is filled with visions of a space rocket circling the planet before eventually revealing a decimated New York City. The caption on the screen mentions clouds of smoke billowing over the United States, according to the translation provided on LiveLeak.

The end of the video concludes that the boy’s dream will “surely come true” one day, noting that North Korea will eventually achieve a “final victory.”

All the while, an ethereal song that is supposed to promote world peace and civility plays in the background. Perhaps the most interesting part, though, is that the depiction of a bombed New York City, as Kotaku discovered, is actually just footage from Modern Warfare 3.

north korea call of duty propoganda

So, the video uses a song that was produced in the United States, with footage of a video game that was produced in the United States, essentially promoting the destruction of the United States. Irony, anyone? Hopefully the USA never actually gets bombed, because if it does, North Korea‘s propaganda machine could lose some serious creative talent.

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