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Akaneiro Demon Hunters To Be Featured On Steam’s Greenlight

We’ve been reporting on the progress of Spicy Horse’s Akaneiro Demon Hunter from its closed Beta to Kickstarter funding and a future comic book series in affiliation with Dark Horse. Well now you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about as its beta is now open to the public. Akaneiro is a free to play RPG based on The Red Riding Hood story and Japanese folklore.Due to an increasing interest from the public, Steam has recently added it to its Greenlight series and Akaneiro will soon be available for download on Steam. This has inspired the Spicy Horse team to develop, Karakuri Gaben, an in-game spirit pet designed in the likeness of Gabe Newell. If you should like a Gaben pet of your own, donating at least $30 to the Akeneiro Kickstarter project will net you one if Akaneiro reaches its goal. And let’s face it geeks, who wouldn’t want their very own Gaben pet!The Akaneiro Demon Hunters open beta has been extended to January 22. This will give Spicy Horse ample time to work out bugs and to make sure the game is well-balanced before its official launch. It will also allow people interested in donating to the Akaneiro Kickstarter the ability to see and try out what they are contributing to.
I for one am glad the beta has been extended, this will give me ample time to check it out and report back my impressions of Akaneiro. If any geeks out there would also like to give Akaneiro a try, you can do so here.


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