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Quickly Add Multiple Filters to Your Photos with Gridditor – iPad App Review

Gridditor is a photo editing app with a fantastic layout that makes it quick and easy to make the adjustments that you’re looking for, because it shows four different filters at once and allows you to apply multiple layered effects.

While there are hundreds of photo editing apps in the App Store, sometimes a new app comes along that just does something special, something you can’t live without, and Gridditor is one of those apps.

When you open the app you’ll need to tap the camera icon to import a photo. Once you’ve chosen a photo, you’ll need to choose a focal point by tapping, which orients the effects on the picture.

From there, Gridditor will display a grid of different effects with a different feature at each side, including dark, contrasty, bright, and vibrant. These effects intersect, so at the bottom right of the grid you’ll have examples that are vibrant and bright, while at the top left, you’ll see images that are dark and contrasty.

It’s a neat way of organizing photo effects, and it lets you immediately see what different effects have on the photos. You can tap on any photo in the grid to see it close up, which makes it easy to decide what looks best.

So far, I’ve been talking about the default effects that the app opens with. You can also tap on any of the four corners of the screen to change the filters that are offered.

The app has several different filters, including toy camera, monochrome, 1970s, soft, focused color, gloomy, sepia, saturated, black and white, crumpled, focused control, and more.

You can combine up to four different effects to see what combinations work best, which is a fun and quick way to improve your photos. Because you can quickly combine so many effects, you get a lot of interesting photo results with this app.

This is strictly an effect app – you won’t be able to crop photos, do touch ups, or improve individual aspects light brightness and contrast. You’ll need another app for those tools, but even though this app is limited to filters, it’s still well worth downloading.

When you’ve finished up with your photos, you can export them in mail, share them on Twitter, print them, or open them in other apps like Sketchbook, Photogene, PhotoToaster, iPhoto, and Dropbox.

What I liked: The grid layout of this app is innovative and makes it fun to combine effects and filters.

What I didn’t like: The app could have more intuitive instructions, especially when it comes to opening photos and starting it up. While this app has a lot of effects, it could definitely use a few more, and it is in need of an update to fix some crashing issues.

To buy or not to buy: This app is $1.99, and worth purchasing if you take a lot of photos or do a lot of photo editing on your iPad.

  • App Name: Gridditor
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1
  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Developer: Tai Shimizu
  • Price: $1.99
  • Score: