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Book review: Doctor Who FAQ is where opinions, like bow ties, are cool

Doctor Who FAQ

For many people, Doctor Who is a fantastic sci-fi show that has formed a firm grip on the young adults of the world. The truth of how this decades-old show came to be a global phenomenon and the ability to see what it has gained and lost along the way are missed by much of the current audience. If you’re interested in a peek into what Doctor Who has meant to the world since its inception and you’re looking for a fun way to learn more about this beloved show, the Doctor Who FAQ is a great place to start.

Much in the same way that it’s impossible to contain all there is to know about Star Trek in a single book, the vast wealth of knowledge surrounding Doctor Who is nearly immeasurable. Doctor Who existed before the age of television, and continued during a time where it was so difficult to record a broadcasted show that several episodes were lost forever. There’s not been another entertainment experience quite like Doctor Who, and the unique experience created by following the clever time traveler known only as The Doctor is something that could theoretically go one forever. Doctor Who FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About the Most Famous Time Lord in the Universe does a great job offering a view at the show as it has existed from the beginning, as well as the struggles both on and off screen that have shaped something so many people tune in every week to watch.

As the author of a book about Doctor Who, whose goal is to offer insights that would encourage a fan of the show to savor every word, Dave Thompson is not afraid to express a fair bit of opinion in his presentation of interesting facts about the show. Thompson spends some time in the beginning of the Doctor Who FAQ explaining why the show is missing some early episodes, and why it took so long to catch on in the US. If you’ve ever wondered why it is most of the American audience is only really familiar with Tom Baker in the old series or has only ever seen the new series, the beginning of this book is a great read.

From there, Thompson takes you on a Doctor-by-Doctor ride though the series, thoroughly describing the strengths and weaknesses of both the actors that played The Doctor and the rotating carousel of cast members that have played the role of Companion throughout the years.

Doctor Who FAQ

If you’re a big fan of the current series, specifically the recent work of writer/producer Steve Moffat, be prepared for some thoroughly explained distaste for the show as it exists now. Thompson goes into great detail to explain how the show has grown less cerebral over the years, going from something rich in semi-factual representations of historical events to a straight up sci-fi fantasy that involves World War II Spitfires attacking an alien craft in the cold vacuum of space. Thompson laments the intentional weakening of enemies throughout the show, like the Cybermen who were recently defeated by the emotions of a father trying to save his son. While Thompson is critical of Moffat in many places, the book also spends a considerable amount of time appreciating it for what it has become, even if storytelling has occasionally suffered.

The Doctor Who FAQ is a 400 page highly opinionated view of a show that has quite literally traveled through time, bringing entire generations of people together to enjoy the tales of a character that has managed to appear ever younger while aging by hundreds of years throughout the history of the show. If you’re a fan of any part of the series, this book is a great addition to your shelf.

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