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There’s Atomic Robo: Violent Science To Do On iOS

Atomic Robo Violent Science is the upcoming action-platformer game developed by Second Fiction. Look for the game to be first released on iOS devices with upcoming versions for Windows Surface and Android following.

Based on an episodic Graphic Novel called Atomic Robo, Violent Science is a culmination of the best features from classic retro platformers and the fast paced action running of Temple Run. Designed with Atomic Robo fans in mind but hoping to reach a new audience of gamers who enjoy a challenging mobile experience as well.

The story behind Violent Science revolves around Robo and his team of Action Scientists. Robo’s enemy Baron Von Helsingard, or Helsie for short is looking for an item of immense power. Robo must find it first in this comic adventure that will see our hero outsmart Helsie and lead him on a path of Violent Science.

Violent Science features a comic-style interface that allows the player access to 5 worlds spanning through 15 different levels. Upgrade your Robo and Action Scientist abilities such as the “Science Rifle” shot and “electro-magnetism” to collect in-game currency and power orbs. Users may also create a customized experience with in-game options and the “Play Mobi” feature to challenge friends and see where they rate on the leaderboard.

Atomic Robo: Violent Science will feature a “Chiptune” soundtrack featuring Virtual Boy and the up and coming electronic artist, Antiskill. Look for Violent Science in March with additional content to be added within a month or two.