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Is your iPhone App Deceiving you?

‘You too iPhone!?’

I said this to my iPhone when after reading that how Smartphone applications can betray us and can compromise our privacy. Pity, most of us do not read the Terms of Service’.

iphone privacy control

Among tons of applications that are available on iPhone a great majority use our personal information and utilise it for the outside company purpose. For instance, there may be any marketing research company that buy information about iPhone users and usage patterns of iPhone applications, most importantly our preferences. Such information can be gathered from the iPhone app and can be sold to the research firm, which can further sell it to clients making a complete fool of us, just because we don’t pay attention to terms and conditions prior to using the application.

According to report of Wall Street Journal there are approx 56% of the overall smartphone applications that transmit the users ID to company. This might also not involve consumer’s consent and it is also possible that consumer isn’t aware.

So what do they make of the ID? Aside from pinpointing your exact taste in music, movies, hobbies and daily activities, the company can probably tap into a lot more than you expected. Plus, it’s a fair playground for hackers, identity thieves and above all – online stalkers. Other than those 56 applications, the remaining 47 were known to send a phone owner’s location, age, gender, personal details and etc., to third parties.

There are various studies that give a clear indication regarding the use of iPhone applications for transmitting additional data to outside-party with certain irregularity. However, Apple says that iPhone apps are not built that way to transmit information without prior user consent but in this case most of the users don’t know about the actual game.

Jail-breaking being a common phenomenon also has augmented this process as many users can use unofficial apps that are not Apple certified. Only applications that are iTunes verified can be trusted, still, if they cheat us then Apple is responsible for not properly checking the apps potential hazard.

Moreover, Apple was contacted by many to make this issue clear. Till date, no one of the Apple officials shared their views regarding information sharing applications officially. It is possible that those Third-Party organisations are paying a lucrative price for such piece of information. To conclude, Apple’s silence in this matter is alarming, yet users are advised to verify the apps before downloading.

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