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Sega Plans to Release Hit Arcade Game ‘Crazy Taxi’ for iPad

Crazy Taxi

The “most madcap of cab games” (if that needs to be said given the few cab games out there) is coming to iOS! Gamers with a certain vintage (and an iOS device, including the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) will rejoice as Sega returns their beloved classic taxi Sim game.

To tease us, there is a very short, entirely too short, crazy short) trailer that we can drool over after the break:

The trailer is long enough to tell us that the original soundtrack appears to be back –which is exciting enough information all on its own.

This new focus on mobile gaming may mean renewed life and relevance for Sega, a company known for making some of the greatest arcade games ever played (consider the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise). Other upcoming titles include Aliens: Colonial Marines and a brand new Sonic title, Sonic Jump.

Announcements like this validate the theory that there has been an increased movement away from console gaming, news that may not be welcomed by Sony (Playstation) and Microsoft (xBox).

Do you have a favorite classic (made by Sega or otherwise) that you wish would come out for iOS?