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Griffin Dual USB Car Charger Car Charge Ipad2 Iphone 4s 3gs Griffin

Griffin Dual USB Car Charger Car Charge Ipad2 Iphone 4s 3gs Griffin

  • .dual USB, a single 5V output, the two devices at the same time charging.
  • .built-in intelligence to short-circuit protection, safer to use.
  • .Charge your mobile phone, GPS and more from your 12V accessory outlet
  • .the USB jack, sophisticated materials, appropriate damping. A lot of chargers, either initially very tight, plug is not convenient, or very loose, stand up to the car bumps. Macro camera photographs you can see, the USB port which uses the same shock spring, greatly improving the stability and ease of use.

Hundred percent Griffin original

Support the inspection counter, a penalty at one hundred!

Latest PowerJolt Dual Micro

Dual voltage 5V Current 2.1A, support of the IPAD.

GRIFFIN is one of the specified Apple authorized accessory manufacturers, working-class products, car charger provides two USB interfaces, which can charge two USB devices.

Apple certified third-party well-known manufacturers, car charge is Apple’s authorized certification. The new bulk, excluding the data line, only the c