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First JBL Speakers with Built-in Apple Lightning Connector Unveiled

When Apple first announced to the world that its newest line of products would feature the new Lightning dock, it created a buzz of irritation from consumers. There were comic strips, YouTube videos, and plenty of Memes regarding the change from the 30-pin connector to the smaller, nine-pin connector. You’d think it wouldn’t matter what was used to connect your iPad mini to a charger, but for those of us who have a half-a-dozen 30-pin connector cables and only one Lightning connector cable, it really is a pain.

Third party accessory makers are also still making most of their products for previous generation iPhones and iPads. It is probably going to take a couple of years for manufacturers to transition to exclusively producing Lightning connector docks.

Popular mobile audio company JBL just announced the upcoming launch of two new speakers that feature the Lightning connector dock so users don’t have to try to balance their 30-pin adaptors on top of the speaker.

“JBL was among the very first audio companies to build a docking station for the Apple iPod, and we continue our leadership as we are first in the market with new Lightning connector docking products. These powered speaker systems match the flexibility users want while providing a high-quality performance,” said Sachin Lawande, executive vice president of HARMAN and co-president of HARMAN Lifestyle and Infotainment.

The JBL OnBeat Venue LT and JBL OnBeat Micro are the company’s newest line of speakers that are compatible with the iPhone 5 and iPad mini.

The Micro is a diminutive speaker that fits into your backpack or purse and provides up to 8 hours of playback with AAA batteries. The small speaker fits the iPhone 5 and charges the devices battery while playing. It includes an AC adapter so you can plug it in whenever you are near an outlet and it features a USB connector so you can power and play other portable devices. In other words, you can plug your earlier generation iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into it too. The Micro can be preordered from the company’s website for $99.

The Venue LT is bigger and less portable, but is the perfect fit for the iPad mini. It is designed for all Lightning connector devices, including the fourth-generation iPad. The Lightning dock is actually hidden behind the logo at the base of the speaker. You can pull it out to charge your iPad, or keep it tucked away and use the speaker’s TrueStream Bluetooth wireless technology. The Bluetooth technology allows users to connect up to eight devices at once. The Venue LT costs $199 and can be preordered from the company’s website today.