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Tips For Your Iphone To Make Life Easier

You may be confused with all the different features the iphone has. You shouldn’t let all of the possibilities overwhelm you! Read on to learn how to use the iphone and what its full potential is.

Dry rice can be used to dry an iphone if it gets wet. Even the most careful person can drop their phone into the toilet or a water puddle. Don’t risk damaging the phone by using a blow dryer. Instead, use a soft cloth to wipe off the phone, then place it in a rice-filled ziploc bag. After several hours, the rice will have absorbed all of the water.

Larger Keyboard

Getting a larger keyboard will make it easier to browse the web with your iphone. This does not require you to make any purchases but simply an adjustment on your device. Move your iphone horizontally, which will increase the size of your keys. The larger keyboard allows you to have more speed and efficiency when typing.

After you learn how to take pictures using your volume buttons, try using the headphone cord to snap a shot. Make sure that your body and hands are steady when taking this shot for a better resolution. This way, your phone isn’t shaken, and your shot will be clear.

Get a protective screen. Phones that don’t have these protectors are more likely to get scratches and nicks. Even tiny pieces of dirt hidden on your finger may scratch an unprotected screen. So take the precautionary step and add on that screen protection.

Websites that you visit frequently can easily be turned into an app. All you have to do is visit the website. Press the “Go” button when you get to the site. You will then have the option to create a shortcut to the site on your phone’s home screen. Like any other app you create, you can easily rename this link once you have it stored safely on the home screen.

You can create your own shortcuts and dictionary with your iphone. As you dictate or type, the dictionary will know what you are saying. Your phone can be programmed with many shortcuts and phrases. When typing, your keyboard will autocorrect.

You can use your iphone as a storage device for files by downloading an app that enables you to put files onto your phone. In addition to photos and brief video clips, you can upload and store both music and text files. All you will need to do is plug your phone into a computer to access the files, or you can open them on your phone.

Did you know that you can use your headphone cord to take a photo? First, set up your picture. Hold your cord button and this will give you the ability to take your picture. This will take the photograph. To save the photo, follow the normal picture saving steps.

To get your messages, tag email accounts on the iphone. This is crucial since you get instantly notified when you receive a message and you can view it right away. It is possible to link multiple accounts or a single one.

If you’re sending an email and you do not wish to use the words that your iphone suggests, the “X” button does not have to be tapped in order to get rid of the suggestion box. Just tap the screen at any area and the words will be eliminated.

Always remember to update your OS anytime a new version comes out. The reason you want to keep it updated is that Apple is constantly releasing patches and fixes for bugs within the phone. Updating is crucial especially if personal information is used or accessed if you go online with your phone.

Keep the firmware updated on your iphone. Not only will it help your phone function better, but it will also enable the battery to last longer, too. Updating your firmware is as easy as having iTunes installed on your computer and syncing the iphone with it. On the other hand, you can utilize iCloud to facilitate your connections.

Did you know that you can know take iphone pictures without worrying about your phone shaking? Your headphone volume controls can also double as a way to snap your pictures. Make your hand as steady as possible before you take your photo. Once you have your shot set, press a cord button.

Your iPhone’s calendar is a great tool for staying organized. For faster and more efficient use of the tool, add events directly to the calendar rather than using your “+” button. Tap and hold on an hour to create an event for that specific time. By using this feature, you can quickly add all events to your schedule.

Try using Facebook on your iphone. The Facebook app allows you to easily update your status, post to your wall, and view the latest updates from all of your friends.

Whenever you have to break away from your email app before your message is complete, remember to tap “cancel” rather than simply closing the app itself. Your iphone will ask you if you want to save your email as a draft. Select yes and you can return to the email later via the draft folder.

Now that you have read this article, you are aware of the many amazing features of an iphone. Now that you know the possibilites, you can use your iphone to make life easier and more enjoyable. Use the techniques and tips you have learned about here to make sure you get the most out of your iphone.