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VidBit – The Best of The Best


When Cameron and Antony got in touch with me about their new application VidBit I  had no idea what a surprise was in store for me.  Cameron and Antony of Rumbleapps are two ingenious teens who only produce the best of the best.

 “VidBit is Finally here! Send videos to other VidBit users and have the ability to restrict how many times they can watch!
So many people have already downloaded VidBit and are using it around the world as the only solution to fast video messaging.

How it works is:
1.) You take a video
2.) Pick how many times you want your friends to view it
3.) Send it!

It’s super simple and so fun! Join in on the VidBit craze before you are left behind! So many more features on the way to the app, and if you have any requests, send them over to rumbleappzgmail [dot] com!

Enjoy VidBit and start sharing!”

 As of this writing VidBit has become so popular that the developers had to shut down for maintenance for a few days. They couldn’t keep up with the demand of VidBit.  Give it a try and see what all the excitement is about for this free application!

Enjoy VidBit and start sharing!


Happy Appying!