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CelebPoker: Making online poker social

Leading poker app CelebPoker brings together two of the best-loved activities among mobile users: gaming and social networking.
The app opens on a clear and usable interface, on which the focus on socialising is immediately evident. Pictures of other players from all over the world – when I used the app there were 2,500 people online – are randomly displayed and there is an option to create your own profile and upload a photo.It is easy to invite your friends to play the app with you through Facebook and Games Center – and for doing so you will be rewarded with free chips – but it is also possible to make new connections within the game itself. You can chat live during a game and send private messages to your contacts. Fancy having a friendly game just with your pals? Book a private table and invite your mates to play with you, or simply ask them to join them in a game you are already playing with others.

When it comes to the game itself, you have a choice between the most popular poker variations: Texas Hold’em and Omaha. By pressing Play Now, you will be assigned straight to a table with a game already in swing, or you can select a table out of those available and even join a tournament.

As the name suggests, CelebPoker Free does not cost you a penny, but you do have the option to buy further chips if you wish.

The app is easy to use and, if any problems do occur, the makers boast 24/7 support – a welcome addition to many mobile users. However, it is not for absolute beginners to poker and you will need to learn the rules and goals of each game before you begin. But it is well worth polishing up on the rules to play this app, as the social aspect and race to climb the leader board are truly addictive extras to what is already a thrilling game.

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