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‘Hollywood’ – Latest iPad TV Ad Aired During Academy Awards

Apple debuted their latest new TV ad for the iPad – ‘Hollywood’ – last night during the Academy Awards ceremony. This latest ad follows the new rapid-fire style of the ‘Alive’ and ‘Together’ iPad ads we saw released last week.

Hollywood features a fast scrolling set of keywords related to movies and highlights three of them with a selection of apps that show off the iPad’s ability to work with videos, images, and other things that go intio movie making: Lights, Camera, Action.

This is another typically stylish iPad ad, though I still don’t like this new series as much as the ‘old school’ iPad ads.

I also think that last night Samsung may have outdone Apple – this tablet ad starring Tim Burton is hilarious.

What do you all think? Loving the new iPad ads? What do you think of the Samsung ad?




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