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Manhunt kills its way to PSN.


Holy bloody plastic bags geeks! Rockstar has announced the controversial “murder simulator“, Manhunt, is now available for purchase on the PSN. Ten bucks will nab you one of gaming’s bloodiest, vicious games to see the light of day. A game where life is a hunt and you’re the prey, where cameras watch your every move and record every brutal kill you make.

I remember getting game on launch day and playing till 3 in the morning, it hooked me. My geek queen of course couldn’t understand my disturbing fascination with it but to each his own, right? My favorite kill object was the plastic bag, sneaking up on a gun wielding nogoodnik and wrapping it around his head was quite exhilarating. I am not a serial killer by the way, just so you know.

The PSN version of Manhunt has been modified but it isn’t a remake. No trophy support here just a PS2 classic on PSN. I can confirm it is already loaded into the PSN so you can go get your murder on now if you want.