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Take on the Role of a Rollerblading Waiter in Cocktail Run – iPad Game Review

Cocktail Run is a crazy tilt motion racing game from Flying Gamer where players take on the role of a rollerblading bar waiter, delivering drinks to patrons and collecting money while trying to stay upright.

The idea is to skate around handing out drinks, but you have to make sure not to spill them or break glasses, which is a challenging prospect because of the tilt motion controls.

When you begin the game, you will notice there are arrows on the floor. You need to follow the arrows, and tilt your iPad left and right to deliver drinks or pick up money from patrons. Patrons you need to skate by will have an icon over their heads, and you need to rollerblade next to them without crashing, which can be difficult to do.

To facilitate slower movement for delivering drinks, you can tap on the screen to slow the waiter down. Unfortunately, even with the slowing controls, I had a hard time delivering drinks because of the tilt motion controls, which were not well calibrated.


Some games have incredibly well done tilt motion controls, but I didn’t feel like the controls in Cocktail Run were sensitive enough. I wasn’t able to make minute adjustments, so I spent a lot of time breaking glass after glass.

When you break too many glasses, you get fired, and you will have to replay the level from the beginning. To finish a level, you need to complete goals, such as having a glass remaining when the timer runs out.

Cocktail Run has five different levels, each with a unique drink, but there are also three goals to achieve for each level so there’s slightly more gameplay. Even with goals, though, this game is short, and the universal version is pricy, at $2.99.


Though Cocktail Run has an entirely unique concept, the gameplay was lacking. The controls need to be improved and for the price tag, I expect more levels and Game Center achievements. This is a fun riff on a racing game, but I recommend waiting for a sale.

What I liked: I like the concept. It’s original and fun. Cocktail Run also has good 3D graphics and realistic environments.

What I didn’t like: The tilt motion controls need to be improved, and there’s no Game Center integration.

To buy or not to buy: Honestly, I don’t think this game is worth $2.99. At $0.99 it might be worth it for a bit of fun, but at $2.99 there’s not enough content to justify the price.

  • App Name: Cocktail Run HD
  • Version Reviewed: 1.302
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Flying Gamer
  • Price: $2.99
  • Score: