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Kyoso Remote Controlled Mop and Trash Can

Have you ever seen the robotic vacuum cleaner from iRobot, known as the Roomba, in action before? It sure as heck works great, and there is that novelty factor attached to it, but unfortunately, not everyone has the kind of disposable income to purchase one of these to help them out in their daily house chores. Well, we know how every man has a little boy still inside of him, and more often than not, gadgets and gizmos, especially of the remote controlled kind still fascinate him. I know I am taken in by what Kyoso has to offer with the remote controlled mop and trash can.

Say what? A remote controlled mop and trash can? After all, Kyoso has come up with remote controlled car replicas and mini drones in the past, and have decided to transfer this kind of expertise over to the more practical matters. No longer do you need to walk up to the trash can and dispose of your rubbish, you can let the trash can come to you! Ditto for the mop to help clean up the floor without you having to get off your couch. The thing is, you will still need to exert some physical movement when the quartet of AA batteries have been exhausted. Kyoso has slapped a $21 (after conversion) sticker price tag on either gadget.

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