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Good Honest Broadband from Yorkshire

If your considering joining as a new broadband customer or moving from an existing provider to as I did, then please read on and discover why you should avoid this company at all costs.

My voyage of digital discovery (aka my worst nightmare) with started on the 27th October 2011, when I migrated my landline phone and broadband service from Sky to At this point, I would just like to clarify that the only reason I decided to leave Sky, is that was simply 5 per month cheaper and included 0870 and 0845 calls in its calling package. I was with Sky for over 18 months, without any issues on my line, and received a stable 6Mbps connection throughout the whole 18 month period.

Looking back, I can see now, that I made a terrible decision to leave Sky, all for the sake of 5 (or in modern terms, the price of a Starbucks coffee,….a pint of lager,…..or a really bad whore)!

Ever since that fateful day, when I plugged in my cheap router from, I have had constant problems with the router keeping constant connection, actual connection speeds, wireless LAN speeds, and the rash on my balls from the stress of it all.

I must also point out, that these are not one-off issues with my router, as there are many other disgruntled customers voicing their concerns in the community forums. I have managed to resolve my wireless problems myself, by freeing my internet connection from the shackles from this vile cruel beast of a crap Thomson router (as supplied by, and using my own Netgear router. Unfortunately however, I was still left with a bitter taste in my mouth…the Netgear router didn’t resolve the constant disconnection issues.

Nearly every day for the first week, when I came to my PC in the morning, I was presented with no connection to the internet.

This is something I am not familiar with, as my previous ISP’s such as Sky, BE and O2 all had stable connections. I have found myself constantly having to reboot the router to get an internet connection. And what makes it worse, is every time I have called, I am told by some banana chomping, script monkey (and I believe this is verbatim)…

“Dont reboot the router, this will affect the connection speed!”

Well, without sounding stupid, how am I to use my broadband connection when it’s down everyday? It only comes back on, once I reboot it! seem to think that just leaving it for days will magically resolve the situation. That’s quite hard to do when you work from home and your PC is your work tool! But maybe the little leprechauns will magically appear and wave their magic dust over the router to make it work!

(For the record, I hate leprechauns – filthy little bastards – and if I see one in my room, I will put it in my microwave, and blow it up….like a gremlin!).

Not only have I had to face constant disconnections, but the speeds have been terrible! My connection speed with Sky and O2 has always been around 6Mbps. When first came on, I was seeing speeds of around 5.5Mbps which I was willing to accept, I have no need for high speeds as I only use my PC for work. However, the speeds are quite simply horrendous and fluctuate by the hour. I constantly find my speeds now below 2Mbps which BT claim is not acceptable for my line, yet continue to do nothing to resolve. I have even posed numerous screen shots on the forum of my speeds, some which are as low as 0.5Mbps (It would actually be quicker for me to drive to my local library, download this month’s video edition of Busty Asian Ho’s, and drive back home, than try to download my own personal filth over this connection!) .

I have telephoned around 20 times since this nightmare began, and each time I am presented with what I can only describe as “robots” reading from generic scripts who have no interest in me, my connection problem, or the rash on my bald scrotum.

On the third week of Hell, I rang and asked to speak to a manager, thinking if the “robots” can`t help, then maybe a manager could. Well, let me tell you, don`t bother! I was greeted by what I can only describe as an arsehole (or as the French would say….le arsehole!) who continued to repeat himself over and over, stating that I should escalate my issue with the faults department. I tried to explain to him that I had done this on numerous occasions, and this was now my third week with a wholly sub-standard service, but his ears simply would not take in the information and he continued to sing the same bullshit about escalating the fault.

After a whole 34 minutes of listening to his constant dribble, I firmly asked to be connected to a higher manager, as I felt like the conversation was on a road to nowhere, to which he abruptly put me back in the queue to speak to faults! I then had to wait a further 15 minutes, just to tell someone all the information that I had already told the last arsehole.

I decided to leave it a few more days under advice from the faults department, who assured me the line would become stable. It didn’t. I rang back around 4 to 5 days later to ask for a MAC to move my service back to Sky. I spent over 30 minutes on hold and then after explaining all the reasons why they had failed to provide me with a service, I was then told I could leave….but I would be subject to all the usual termination fees!

I quite simply cannot believe, that a company owned by BT can leave a customer with no service for nearly a month, and then have the sheer audacity to charge the customer to leave! I advised the cretin that I was speaking to, that I was only leaving due to THEIR poor service and the fact that it was completely unusable, but he simply kept repeating “You agreed to the terms at the start of your contract”. Yes I did, on the provision that I received an adequate service, which you have not provided.

No, according to, once you sign that contract, your signing away your soul, and you’ll be paying for that connection, whether they provide you with a service or not. This is a company with no morals, standards, or rash cream.

Any decent company would have apologised and said ‘Fair enough, we have been unable to resolve the problems, so on this occasion, we will release you without charge’. But no, not

Their slogan which is currently doing the rounds on TV is “Good Honest Broadband from Yorkshire”.

Good Honest Broadband, my hairless ballbags!

If you looking for a Broadband provider, I would recommend Sky Broadband or O2 Home Broadband.

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