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You won’t have any trouble with these Tribbles

Have you been feeling a bit lonely and down lately? Perhaps you need an adorable, fuzzy creature in your life. Sure, a cat or dog might be the first thing that comes to mind, but those aren’t for you. No, you need something a little smaller, and a little cuter.

Don’t worry, unlike the Tribbles seen on the original Star Trek series, these cute balls of fur won’t be multiplying faster than rabbits. Instead, these particular creatures do little more than sit there and look adorable.

Each of these 4-inch plushies comes in a container, which contains several useful facts about your new pet. The most important, of course is “Use extreme caution when feeding. Tribbles eat constantly, resulting in reproduction at a dangerous rate.” If you’re in the market for your own creature from Iota Geminorium IV, then you’ll be able to pre-order yours for just $10 starting very soon.

Source: MightyMega

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