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Lexani Motorcars’ customized Toyota Sequoia is the bomb

There are rides, and then there are rides. I would certainly lump this highly customized Toyota Sequoia under the latter, thanks to the effort of the folks over at Lexani Motorcars. In a nutshell, they have managed to customize a Toyota Sequoia by padding it with its fair share of armor just in case you happen to be in a tight spot, but just in case that is not enough for a rogue country’s dictator, the Toyota Sequoia has also been kitted out with bling, where you will find exclusive creature comforts such as wine coolers and huge leather seats that would certainly make any rock star feel at home inside. This luxurious SUV does seem to target folks who want the best of both worlds – security as well as entertainment and being treated like a king.

One thing’s for sure, this is an armored car that certainly goes against the grain, as it is very different from the conventional notion of a huge limousine, just like the one the U.S. President rides around in. Good to know that this is one low key armored vehicle that will not drag any attention to you, not at least until you stop and a bevy of gorgeous ladies step out from it with you, and photographers get a glimpse on the amount of fun one can have inside.

Sporting composite armor that delivers a very high degree of protection without weighing it down a whole lot, the standard 2013 Toyota Sequoia has managed to be modified to where it is thanks to the assistance from professional car armorers. The clever implementation of Kevlar, ceramic composites, ballistic steel and laminated armor glass will allow it to withstand penetration by 7.62 x 51 mm M80 NATO Ball ammunition, while the floor clears the height for blast protection to meet STANAG 4569 Level 1 certification, letting it stand blasts and shrapnel that are equivalent to two hand grenades wired together and detonated simultaneously. Both fuel tank and battery are also armor plated.

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