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Apple claimed that it was hit by same hackers which targeted Facebook- A new protection software is going to be released

Apple claimed that they have been targeted by the same group of hackers which has attacked Facebook in an attempt to break its network security. Apple further shared that only small numbers of Mac employees have been affected by this attempt, yet there is no evidence that any data is left. This report is shared by Reuters’ analysts and they have further added that Apple will be releasing software for preventing the customers from such attacks.

Apple’s sharing of report against hacker’s attack is followed by Facebook complained done on last Friday. Facebook also claimed in their report that none of their users’ data is being compromised in this attempt to demolish security.

Apple has therefore started working with the law enforcement agencies to figure out the actual source of hacking and as well they have introduced their software tool to protect users of Macs against malware employed by unidentified assailant.

Both Apple and Facebook has shared their report to assure the users that they are making every possible step in order to secure the data of the users and to warn the hackers that they are moving ahead in data security issue. Also this data breach sharing is done to ensure transparency from the companies facing threats from the cyber security.

Apple however has claimed that this type of security breaches rarely occurs in their company. Company has reported such type of breach in which 400 iTunes accounts were hacked in 2010. The adopted preemptive move has indicated that company is being dealing with different level of security issues. The good news is, data of both companies is not leaked and thus the both tech giants are considering resources to track the culprits.

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Apple Debuts New Vanity URLs for Developers during Super Bowl

Apple has released a product during the Super Bowl for App Store developer’s vanity URLs. This domain was advertised in the new Star Trek movie within a huge public. The advertisement shows to the viewers as instead of

The advertisement was first seen by CNET. The domain “” is a personal gift from Steve Jobs Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff back in 2008. According to the Apple Developer documentation posted on January 31, developers can shortened the name of URL in iTunes App Store or the Mac App Store. The user can create easy links by App Store Short Link by the particular form of app or company name. This simple way can ease users to search your application in the App Store directly from your website or marketing campaigns. These links are helpful in offline communication like print ads, TV spots, trailers app, radio ads and billboards.

According to Apple, Domain names can also point to either the company itself (e.g. gameloft) or the app (e.g.

New URL can quickly turn into a land grab in crowded App Store where more than 800,000 mobile applications are available on the App Store iOS. Apple is prepared for this competition. In case of conflict of names or URLs with multiple outcomes, for example, direct the user to a search the page. These developers are encouraged to generate unique names for their applications instead of prevent this problem from occurring.

The domain redirects users to but without the “www” opens the iTunes App Store or the Mac App Store. In the past, short links are available using the URL Now changes the are in this case.

Update Information:

Analysis of several sources and App Store developers inside Apple shows that, the new vanity URLs will not configured according to developer’s need, it will be provided by Apple on the behalf of developer. Due to this, a conflict was raised between CNET and our original report. This is confusing because of developer documentation perception.

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It would take a Foxconn worker 14 months to save enough to buy an iPhone 5

foxconn building

If a Foxconn factory worker decided to start saving up for the latest version of the iPhone or iPad today, by the time he or she had enough money to buy it, it would already be obsolete.

A general statement like that probably comes as no surprise to anyone who is at all familiar with the working conditions at the overseas component manufacturer, but it is interesting to actually crunch the numbers and see just how much of a disparity there is between you and the people who make the products you buy.

That was the subject of a blog post by self-proclaimed nerd Rob Sim. His analysis provides a mathematical value to the irony of laborers in Asia who are surrounded by Apple product components, yet will probably never own an Apple product. According to his calculations, Foxconn workers who save all of their disposable income (a whopping $59.50 per month) would have enough money to buy the latest iPad in about 10 months. Of course by then, the latest iPad would be an entirely different model than when they started saving. For an unlocked iPhone 5, it would take about 14 months of careful saving.

Those numbers are based on a six-day work week at $17 per day and a cost of living amount of $382.50 per month.

So what is the point of these calculations? Sim wrote that even he doesn’t know exactly what to take away from this, other than the fact that it seems pretty unfair. If nothing else, it certainly makes everyone else feel pretty good about their living situation.

Apple has taken big steps to ensure that Foxconn complies with all of the local labor laws, but when it comes to raising the wages, it is deafeningly quiet.