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Minecraft Light-Up Diamond Ore for the hardcore Minecraft fan in your life


Everyone has a favorite hobby, game or toy, and if it so happens that you know someone who lives, eats, and breathes Minecraft, you would do him or her well with the $19.99 Minecraft Light-Up Diamond Ore. Yes, this is one diamond ore that will be able to provide some ambient lighting whenever dusk falls, and it carries an adequate amount of light to ensure that monsters will remain hidden in their closets and under your bed so that you are able to enjoy a good night’s rest.

100% inspired by Minecraft and made by the good people over at ThinkGeek, the Minecraft Light-Up Diamond Ore works in a very simple manner. In order to activate it, just give it a tap, and you’re good to go. There are three different lighting levels to choose from, and they are low, medium, bright. Sure, it is not going to be as glitzy as an actually diamond for the other half, but one thing’s for sure – it is a piece of rock that is a whole lot more affordable. This is the ideal night light for Minecraft fans, and best of all is, you do not need to fear about accusations that you have a bootleg item from the Minecraft universe, as this is an officially licensed Minecraft collectible. Made out of ABS plastic, it will glow with internal LEDs thanks to the pair of AA batteries that power this bad boy.
[ Minecraft Light-Up Diamond Ore for the hardcore Minecraft fan in your life copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]