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Stereo Headphones With Angry Birds Style

Fans from the Angry Birds franchise of games will cherish these Angry Birds Room In-Ear Stereo Earphones. Wear them when you are playing apart or playing music.GEAR4′s earphones are elegant and designed with established concepts to create comfort and also quality. The particular earbud positioning and ear cushioning materials are designed to deliver a good and comfortable fit.

Design : GEAR4′s earphones are understated and elegant, yet tough and also highly pushed. Our specialist in-house design team develops established principles to create renowned headphones inside instantly-recognizable packaging.

Comfort : our earbuds are designed and also sourced with your comfort as a top priority. Everything from earbud positioning to headsets cushion components is considered to provide a secure and comfy fit.

Clarity : by using the best technology from our removal, it is each of our mission to offer you an excellent even experience : wherever you might be, whenever you pay attention.

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