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GammaTech Durabook TA10 Tablet

Do you think that you are a clumsy person, and tend to avoid purchasing the higher end mobile consumer electronics devices simply because you know that you are an accident waiting to happen, and woe to you when you break the 10th display on your smartphone because you stumbled and let the handset slip, sending it tumbling onto the concrete floor with a heart wrenching crunch. Well, this has made you far more wary on how you spend your money, and you avoid tablets like the plague. What if I told you that there is salvation on the horizon? This is where the GammaTech Durabook TA10 tablet comes in, where it is touted to be the latest rugged tablet which was specially designed and engineered for demanding applications such as those found in the utility industry.

The GammaTech Durabook TA10 will occupy the high-end side of things where tablets are concerned, and it boasts of a 10.4″ display with a high performance CPU, carry an ultra-high brightness LCD display, and runs on an Intel Ivy Bridge processor.

Jen Chen, GammaTech president, said, “We are delighted to be able to introduce our new Durabook TA10 rugged tablet at DistribuTECH, the utility industry’s leading smart-grid conference and exposition. This new tablet makes perfect sense for utility workers out in the field with its ultra-high screen brightness for easy viewing. Its ruggedness and durability stand up to virtually any harsh environment. Its mobility factor is enhanced with Bluetooth and Intel WiFi wireless connectivity as well as an optional internal GPS function.”

Expect the 10.4″ XGA TFT LCD display with LED backlight to work well under any lighting conditions, where the resistive multi-touch panel with tempered glass will be ideal for the viewing of drawings, files, and web pages. A couple of six-cell battery packs offer longer battery life on the move, and just to make sure you have an easy time with in-the-field identification and tracking purposes, the Durabook TA10 will feature an optional UHF RFID reader and Barcode scanner. Other optional accessories include a handle, hand strap, and docking station.

I wonder how the executives over at Panasonic are feeling with their Toughbook receiving some, well, tough competition with the $2,300 GammaTech Durabook TA10 rugged tablet.
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