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VentureBeat reviews new iPod touch and iPod nano: Apple remains king of portable media players

“Thanks to the rise of smartphones, portable media players are practically nonexistent. Apple is the only maker of portable media players that remains successful in the U.S., thanks to three products: the iPod Touch, the iPod Nano, and the iPod Shuffle,” James Pikover reports for VentureBeat. “Along with the iPhone 5, Apple revealed the latest generation of the Touch and Nano at a media event in October, both remade after a year hiatus.”

“The iPod Touch is the best handheld media player ever,” Pikover reports. “The iPod Nano has finally been perfected. And after spending time with both, I’m infatuated.”

Pikover reports, “As much as the Touch has (or hasn’t) changed, the iPod Nano is completely new. It took Apple seven years, but it has finally perfected the miniature media player. And it’s so cute who could resist?”

Apple iPod touch (5th gen.)

Apple iPod touch (5th gen.)


Apple iPod nano (7th gen.)

Apple iPod nano (7th gen.)

Much more in the full review here.

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