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Reports are in: Nexus 4s are shipping within 48 hours

Google Play Store

If you’ve been waiting to grab a Nexus 4 from the Google Play Store, your time has finally come. Users from all over the US are reporting shipments in less than 48 hours after their handsets have been ordered from the web store. This comes after a significant amount of time during which the Nexus 4 was only available in a trickle of a few units that were rapidly grabbed by Android fans.

If we’ve learned anything about Google over the last few of months, it’s that they are not a hardware company. The Google Play Store has been the home to a pair of Chromebooks, as well as the Nexus 4, 7 , and 10, and not a single one of these products managed to stay in stock over the holiday season. If you were lucky enough to purchase one without some sort of bug that charged you two or three times for your device, the product you ordered wouldn’t ship for weeks.

Running a web store that deals in massive volume has been a challenge for Google, but it appears that there are now plenty of new toys to go around, and Google is wasting no time getting purchases out to users.

Nexus 4

Google’s shopping cart system, when it works, is designed to not charge you until the product you ordered has shipped. This left several users quite surprised this week when orders were being processed within minutes of their submission, with the correct amount being removed from their bank accounts just as quickly. Within 48 hours, those same users had little white boxes on their doorsteps with a Nexus 4 inside. It seems odd to be surprised by this, given the prevalence of online shopping in 2013, but this is a new experience for many users who have used Google Play top order hardware this year.

So there you have it, Google seems to have worked all the bugs out of their shopping and shipping. Like everything else released by Google, it appears that the beta tag can finally be removed from the purchase experience in the Google Play Store.