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Jack Reacher Review


I didn’t really have any expectations for this movie, but I walked out very pleased. After a lot of action movies with what seemed like nothing but guns and explosions, Jack Reacher felt like something with a change of pace. The first few minutes of the movie was very tense. The music was quiet and no dialogue was spoken. During this time, a sniper takes a position in a parking garage and shoots five innocent people. Shortly after this incident, the gunman is arrested, and everything seems under control.

There are parts I liked about this movie, and parts I didn’t like. Thankfully, one of the parts I liked was Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) as a character. He proves to be more than muscle with a gun. He carefully analyses all the information he has and can handle difficult situations under pressure. Jack stays in contact with the shooters lawyer, Helen (Rosamund Pike). It’s through his conversations with her that he explains most of what he discovers and where he’s at in his investigation. Helen’s best contribution to the film is when she talks about the victims and we get a glimpse of who they were. There did seem to be a bit of over-explanation, but I’ll take that over not enough information to follow.

The bad guys turned out to be very disappointing. They behaved like they held all the cards and could handle any situation. All the movie shows is a stereotypical bad guy with a heavy accent and some minions to do his bidding. There is even a scene where some guys trying to kill Jack where whacking each other in an almost Three Stooges manner.

Jack seems to keep acquiring cars through various methods. Each car looking and sounding better, until a very thrilling car chase occurs. There is even a moment where Jack ends up in a gunfight with only a knife, and a little support from a gun range owner Cash (Robert Duvall).

Despite having a decent cast of good guys, a lack of impressive bad guys really weighs down an action film. I give Jack Reacher a 6 out of 10.