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Eye-Chart | your own eye test specialist

Check your eye sight acuity with Eye Chart, the best iPhone medical app for Eye Test

“Seeing is believing”, but only when you can see properly. Eye-chart is an iPhone medical app that serves as your personal eye test specialist. Usually people go for an eye test when they have difficulty in seeing. Eventually ending up with eye doctor and trying to read the eye chart before test isn’t a good idea.

With Eye-Chart, you can perform eye test anywhere and anytime. Most importantly, it is easy and FREE. Whether you are traveling with your friends or staying home with family, you can always check your eye sight on iPhone.

Eye specialists cannot carry eye chart everywhere, so if you are a doctor I recommend you this iPhone medical app can make your life easy. The app gives you a random chart which you can view on iPhone screen. The chart generation is in the same authentic order. Therefore, you can also rely on its results.

When I personally used this app on my 3GS I found difficulty in reading beyond the third last line. When inquired I found my sight is getting weaker. Actually this app saved me from getting into serious trouble as I changed my glasses accordingly.

If you too wish to know your own eye test results you can download eye chart for free and can have sight full fun with your loved ones.

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