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PriceBlink Ensures You Score the Lowest Prices When Shopping Online


Did you know that where you live – and what sites you visit – can affect the price you pay when shopping online? Retail sites are tailored to swap out prices, modify wording and change up products based on your history, without you knowing.

PriceBlink, a free browser add-on, can help. PriceBlink acts like a online personal shopping assistant that automatically helps you find the lowest possible price for whatever you want to buy. It offers three main functions:

  1. Price Comparison: If you can purchase that very same product on another site for less, PriceBlink lets you know.
  2. Coupon alerts: If the site you’re on offers any coupon codes, free shipping, or any other deals, PriceBlink lets you know.
  3. User Reviews: If the site you’re on doesn’t have any user ratings/reviews for the product you’re looking for, but the same product is reviewed on other sites, PriceBlink lets you know.

PriceBlink is a free download that, on average, saves users 15-20 percent every time they shop at one of the more than 6,000 compatible websites. See how it works in the video below, then download it today.

A Facebook (iPad) Update Turns the App Into an Entertainment Hub

Facebook iPad Update

Over 70 percent of people who use Facebook for iPad played a Facebook-connected game in the past 90 days, so the company is helping them discover or re-engage with games through a new home page sidebar it starts testing today on its iPad app. It includes social notifications for native mobile and Facebook web games you already play, video trailers for games you don’t, plus Trending news articles and Trending videos popular with your demographic. The growth opportunities could entice more developers to integrate Facebook into their games, and Facebook plans to eventually sell ads for games in this space. By filling the extra screen space with what tablet users love, Facebook hopes its home on iPad can become a more essential part of people’s live…even if that means bouncing them into other apps or showing them YouTube videos.

Read the full story at TechCrunch.

Apple Takes Home Three Brand of the Year Awards


Here’s an achievement certain to be trotted out at Apple’s next big media event. Harris Interactive on Thursday declared the company the top U.S. brand across a trio of consumer electronics categories – the only three in which it’s rated.

According to Harris Interactive’s 2013 EquiTrend survey, which polls some 38,000 U.S. consumers about their brand preferences, Apple dominated not only the tablet segment, but the mobile phone and computer segments, as well.

Quite the hat trick, and one Apple has pulled off for two years running now, beating out some serious competition. In the computer category, Apple bested Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Sony; in the tablet category, it surpassed Amazon, Google and Samsung; and in the mobile phone segment, it beat HTC, Samsung and LG.

Said Harris Interactive senior VP Manny Flores, “… What really stands out is that in all three of the categories Apple brands are measured – Computer, Tablet and Mobile Phone – its Brand Momentum scores are in the top 30 of all 1,500 brands evaluated in the study.”

And that’s worth noting. Harris Interactive’s Brand Momentum category measures – among other things – ubiquity, future outlook, leadership and popularity. In the eyes of U.S. consumers, Apple clearly meets its brand promise.

Yet Another Way to Get a Super-Cheap Web TV Box

now tv

What’s that? You say you’re intrigued by the notion of a Web TV box, but $35 for a Google Chromecast is too rich for your blood?

Here you go – if you live in the U.K.: Satellite TV service BSkyB has rolled out a Web TV box for 9.99.

That works out to about $15, and what that gets you is essentially a rebranded Roku HD box – BSkyB invested in Roku last year, and once again this spring – tailored to support BSkyB’s Now TV streaming subscription service. That also means that the box won’t support BSkyB rivals Netflix and Amazon/Lovefilm.

You can see more specs and details here, but the big picture is that this shows yet another approach to distributing Web-to-TV hardware: Rather than have consumers buy the gadgets directly from the manufacturer, a programmer/distributor sells the box and subsidizes the cost.

Expect to see more of this in the future. For starters, note that Roku’s other investors include 21st Century Fox, Dish Network and Hearst, which owns both TV stations and stakes in TV networks including ESPN.

Meanwhile, Apple is in talks with Time Warner Cable about an Apple TV tie-up; for now, that deal doesn’t call for the cable operator to sell Apple’s boxes, but you could certainly imagine a pact where it does.

And remember that Amazon, which tried to buy Roku last year, has its own TV box in the works, which will be optimized for Amazon’s own video offerings.

Zepp Labs intends to help softball players improve with new sensor


Zepp Labs alongside Premier Girls Fastpitch (PGF) have come together to settle on an agreement that will see a multi-year partnership formed, as Zepp is now the designated Official and Exclusive Swing Analysis and Technology Platform of PGF. Using Zepp’s advanced 3D technology, it will be able to assist softball players regardless of their age and skill levels, as part of an effort to improve their game. The sensor is extremely small, and is a snap to attach right at the end of a bat.

This particular sensor will be able to capture more than 1,000 points of data per swing, resulting in a perfect 3D rendering when used in tandem with a smartphone or tablet. Apart from that, parents and coaches alongside their players too will be able to check out instant and actionable feedback and data, and these data will include the likes of bat speed, hand speed, time to impact, and attack angle among others.

It does look as though fastpitch softball is not going to be the same again with the help of sensors from Zepp Labs, and we could see new records being broken as the analysis helps coaches to go through the different ways that their understudies will be able to react the next time they step up to the plate. It will go a long way in helping girls maximize their playing potential, which in turn will be able to fuel additional confidence to the softball players as they get better and more proficient at the game.

In the future, it is said that PGF camps and clinics will also make use of the Zepp 3D sensor in order to capture, measure and analyze player swings at a Zepp hitting station. This would clearly place the Zepp sensor in a unique position, having it establish a new standard of swing evaluation metrics. The Zepp 3D sensor is definitely a worthy addition to any other sports-related accessories like this Play By Play Announcing Scoreboard.

Press Release
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The Paleos PRONATIV chain mail running shoes protect your feet


Chainmmail was used to keep warriors safe during battles long ago. While we don’t need to worry about hand-to-hand combat anymore, that doesn’t mean this type of armor doesn’t still have practical uses. While it may be more commonly seen in re-enactments, movies, and with LARPers, there’s a use for chainmail that you may not have expected.

The Paleos PRONATIV shoes are foot coverings that are solely metal rings and cord. These can be worn in water, used for running, hiking, and all manner of outdoorsy activities. The lacing is done in such as way that it will hold even while you’re running in wet and muddy areas. In fact, that is said to be the ideal place to wear these. This pair will run around $260, but if you’re not wanting these for vigorous activity, there are options that are $20-40 less.

If you want to use these for everything under the sun, you can also get “Multi-Paws” attached that are placed strategically which will help you to avoid slipping on naturally slick areas or smooth surfaces in urban settings. It is said that with this addition you’ll also be all but silent on hard flooring. These will cost close to $50 as an add-on, and there are a variety of colors and thicknesses for you to choose from depending on what you plan to use these open-air shoes for.

Available for purchase on magento.gost-barefoots

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