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Rise of the Guardians Movie Storybook Deluxe Extends the Magic — iPad App Review

Along with the paperback novelizations that populate the super market checkout aisle, sticker books, and stuffed animals, iOS apps that re-tell popular childhood movies are now a standard offering with each release.

Rise of the Guardians Movie Storybook Deluxe parallels the plot of Dreamworks’ newly released movie. Both movie and storybook app were inspired by William Joyce‘s novels and picture books, which are set 200 years before the movie. Though the movie tells an original story, Joyce executive-produced the movie and his creative DNA runs throughout the storybook, especially in its illustrations.

Reader can choose between narrated and read-to-self modes. Readers can easily skip pages or return to the home screen at any time.

Touching the magical snowflakes that appear on the screen triggers animations on every page.

Rise of the Guardians tells an attenuated version of Jack Frost’s story, and it also includes a few extras. In this app the Sandman doesn’t actually put the user to sleep. Instead he wakes you up with a built-in alarm. The app also includes a set of Russian dolls that users can customize with photos from the camera roll or from a new photograph. The user can save a photo of the set of digital dolls or share her creation on Facebook or by email.

Download Rise of the Guardians Movie Storybook Deluxe for iPad and iPhone/iPod touch for $0.99.

What I liked: The app recreates the stunning graphics of the movie. While it follows the movie plot faithfully it only extracts the important bits, so even though it reveals some plot points, reading it in advance doesn’t spoil the movie.

What I didn’t like: Unfortunately the app wasn’t glitch-free. The story includes narration and actual movie dialogue, but the transition between the two audio streams was not seamless, and the app froze on a black screen during several readings.

To buy or not to buy: The story’s current introductory price of $0.99 makes it a low-risk purchase. Any reader who enjoyed the movie will appreciate the iOS retelling of the story. While this app did not quite meet the extremely high standard set by Joyce’s own app developers, it was still a fun way to extend the movie-going experience.

  • App Name: Rise of the Guardians Movie Storybook Deluxe
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Developer: Zuuka
  • Price: $0.99
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