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Anker® USB 18W / 3.6A Dual-Port Car Charger – Simultaneous, full-speed charging(White)

Anker USB 18W / 3.6A Dual-Port Car Charger – Simultaneous, full-speed charging(White)

  • Built with two specialized ports (one for Apple and one for Android) to simultaneously charge your devices (10V / 3.6A of total output).
  • Provides maximum charge speed to devices for uninterrupted performance of navigation and media streaming utilities.
  • Smaller than most 10W / 15W options (75 x 26 x 24mm) allowing for easy portability without LEDs to cause distractions on the road.
  • Compatible with all Apple and Android OEM power wires; Input: DC 12V – 24V; Power: 18W
  • Package includes: 1 Anker 18W / 3.6A Car Charger, instruction manual.

The world’s most powerful dual-port charger meets your power-hungry gadgets for simultaneous, full-speed charging for the road.

Full-speed for two.
Anker’s 18W / 3.6A Dual-Port Car Charger is the world’s most powerful, capable of simultaneously charging 2 devices – whether 2 phones, 1 tablet + 1 phone, or even 2 iPad 4s – at their fully-intended charging speeds. Compatible with both Apple and Android devices, this may well be the last charger you’ll ever have to buy.