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Porch Potty Premium – Keeps your Dog High and Dry

I love having a dog. They truly are man’s best friend. I enjoy having the little guy greeting me at the door, hanging out with me while I’m relaxing, going on hikes and car rides. What I don’t enjoy is having to take him out to do his business when it’s raining (or snowing, or cold). Truth be told, he doesn’t like it all that much either.

Well, check out the Porch Potty, an automated, turf litter box for dogs. With the option of using synthetic grass, or the real deal, the Porch Potty gives your pooch a perfect potty option right on your covered porch, deck, or patio. The Porch Potty Premium includes a nifty 14 foot drainage hose that can be directed to your floor drain, or even a nearby gutter, and when connected to a garden hose, pop up sprinklers allow you to rinse the potty area, conveniently keeping it clean and odor free without any soap or chemicals.

The all weather resin wicker-look over metal frame Porch Potty Premium gives Fido around 8 square feet of circling potty pleasure, and it comes with a scented fire hydrant for inspiration, (scented with what, I don’t know, and don’t want to know) the drain hose, and a potty training manual and you can even add a 39 dollar Porch Potty timer, to make the system completely automated. So the next time foul weather strikes, and neither one of you wants to get wet, just let your dog out on the porch! Available at for well under 300 bucks.
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